Leica has made some sunglasses with tech from its cameras and lenses

Leica sunglasses
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Can't quite afford a camera with Leica's signature red dot, but want to show your appreciation for the premium German camera brand? Good news: the company has collaborated with Mykita to produce some tasty, Leica-inspired sunglasses. 

While some of Leica's previous fashion-themed collaborations have been a slight stretch for the camera manufacturer, this one makes more sense – Leica already makes lenses for its Eyecare line, and Mykita is a fellow German luxury brand. Sunglasses also have lenses that can benefit from some of the tech used in camera glass.

Okay, this doesn't quite stretch to optical zoom, but the new collection – which will kick off with two designs – will include an AquaDura Vision Pro coating, which Leica has adapted from its binocular and photography departments. This anti-reflective coating apparently adds resistance to dust and grease, while reducing glare.

Leica and Mykita also claim the manufacturing process is a step up from your usual budget shades, too. They claim to have "pioneered sun lenses with optical grade quality", by grinding and polishing them from a cast lens blank, a process that's also used to create camera lenses.

Of course, the main reason to buy some Leica-inspired sunglasses is for their design, and the Mykita don't disappoint here.

Leica sunglasses

(Image credit: Future)

In the red

The sunglasses both have geometric lenses that are inspired by the signature shape  of the lens hood seen on cameras like the Leica M10 Monochrom.

And while there's no Leica dot on the sunnies, there are some tastefully understated red accents on the frame, which are otherwise a minimalist mix of silver, black and grey.

A final touch for true Leica obsessives is that the model inscription on the arms is in Leica's recognizable font – the same one you'll find on its cameras and lens aperture rings. 

Sadly, one thing we don't yet know are the prices for the new Mykita and Leica collection. They will, though, be available to buy from June 2020 and you can sign up to Mykita's newsletter to get pricing information when it becomes available.

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