New MacBook Pros will feature Nvidia graphics

New MacBook Pros wil feature Nvidia graphics
Apple is riding the wave of innovation

With all of the rumors flying fast and furious in recent days, there's little doubt that Apple plans to introduce a new MacBook Pro soon.

In fact, sources now confirm that the company will ditch AMD graphics processors in favor of Nvidia.

According to recent reports, Apple's forthcoming MacBook Pros will make the switch from AMD GPUs in the current models, to Nvidia graphics to complement Intel's Ivy Bridge processors.

The swap appears to be directly related to the high resolution Retina Display which is anticipated with the new models.

While a "trusted source" confirmed the Nvidia news, it's unknown exactly which GPU Apple will be using.

MacBook Pro + Nvidia= The complete package

The most likely candidate appears to be the GeForce GT 650M, an upgrade from Nvidia's 28nm GeForce GT 640M.

"Apple's riding the wave of innovation by teaming up with top technology companies it has strong relationships with," remarks MacLife Managing Editor Florence Ion.

"The Mac may not be a gaming machine, but it's primarily favored by professionals for its software and its technological longevity. Might as well pop in a Nvidia GeForce GT 640M GPU to complete the package."

ABC News also confirmed that Nvidia GPUs will be used in the next generation of Apple's MacBook Pro. What's more, rumors claim the notebook will be thinner and lighter than the previous generation and also feature USB 3.0, the first time Cupertino incorporated the faster version of USB.

Via The Verge