It’s time to split up with your network


Imagine doing this: every payday you head straight for the cash machine, withdraw £30, nip into your phone network’s nearest store and leave it on the counter, before turning around and walking away.

It’s nonsense. And yet it’s something so many Brits are effectively doing right now, by still paying the same price each month even when their contract has ended. Part of that monthly cost was going towards paying off the handset, and that’s done when the contract is over.  According to Which? The British public pays £92 more than we should because we don't know when we've gone over our contract – that's a ridiculous £355 million a year between the lot of us.

The issue is that networks don’t want you to know when your contract is up so you’ll keep paying them for nothing (and better yet - they want to lock you into a deal with minutes, texts and data that you’ll never use).

That’s where can save you huge amounts of cash just by simply letting you take back control of your deal and handset, splitting the two up and letting you decide how much you want to spend and how. 

It’s got a great range of phones to choose from - including the fancy iPhone 7 - and a long list of different SIM choices from all 16 providers out there meaning you always get the deal that’s right for you.  

The process is simplicity itself: you buy the phone the same way you would any other gadget, either by paying the whole amount outright (often the way to save the most money) or spreading the cost into easy instalments using loans from Zopa or Vanquis - putting you in control of your phone’s (and wallet’s) destiny. 

The phones come completely unlocked and ready to take any SIM - so once you’ve chosen your handset will guide you through its massive list of SIM plans on its site to help you find the perfect fit – not the 'deal of the week' that's being pushed on you so someone can collect their commission.

And here’s the great thing:’s MobileWatch (think of it as a friendly Neighbourhood Watch scheme keeping an eye on your tariff) will let you know when your plan is coming to an end and will help you switch over – whether you're locked into a contract with someone else or on a plan it’s helped you build. 

MobileWatch will also scan the whole mobile marketplace to make sure there’s not a better deal out there for you and if there is, will let you know and help you switch.

Because here’s the thing we all know if we really think about it: we’re all fed up of paying too much for phones, tying ourselves into long-term deals from networks that make it all too easy to keep us spending more than we really need. 

Using to compare your deal (try their natty data calculator to help you rip up the rulebook and start saving with the tariff you deserve), you’ll be able to see what other deals are out there and just how much money you can save, helping you start from the beginning with a new deal that’s right for you in a short, simple and accessible way.

And that gives you the chance to phone up your current network and chuckle as they beg you to stay, unable to match the stonking great deal you’ve rustled up from