iPhone 8 could steal a cool screen trick from the iPad Pro

It's time for another churn at the ol' iPhone rumor mill, as another report points to a potential new feature coming to Apple's next handset, the iPhone 8.

A Barclays investment report appears to hint at three new iPhones expected to come out this year with True Tone displays, according to MacRumors.

If true, this would mean that the (yet to be announced) iPhone 7S/7S+ and/or iPhone 8 may get displays that were previously exclusive to Apple's 9.7-inch iPad Pro

Wait, what's True Tone?

True Tone adjusts white balance on the iPad's screen in accordance to ambient light around the user, ensuring they see the color on their screen as close to accurately as possible.

For example, the display might adjust the amount of orange you see to match using the device in a warmly-lit room, or use cooler colors when you take the device outside or somewhere with bright LED lighting.

This feature works similarly to how Apple's Night Shift feature cuts out blue light to aid in getting a good night's sleep, though True Tone is primarily used by artists and photographers that need to know exactly how an image looks.

Though still in the realm of speculation, we wouldn't be surprised if Apple continues to step up its display game in time for the iPhone 8. For example, we've seen other reports claim that the iPhone maker's next batch may also dabble with a flexible OLED screen.

Parker Wilhelm
Parker Wilhelm is a freelance writer for TechRadar. He likes to tinker in Photoshop and talk people's ears off about Persona 4.