YouTube now encouraging commenters to use their real names

YouTube now encouraging commenters to use their real names
Still not going to solve the problem though, is it?

YouTube has begun pushing users to post comments and videos under their real names instead of kooky internet monickers.

Although the option to link your YouTube and Google+ accounts has been knocking around since June, the video site is now actively encouraging the switch with prompting pop-ups.

Is this Google's secret weapon in the war on YouTube comment trolling? Widely regarded as the place where morals and manners go to die, the comments section of any YouTube video are a fearful place to tread, especially if you're female, male, alive or dead. Pretty much only cats are safe.

It's going to take a bit more than this, Google

While using a real name instead of hiding behind an anonymous pseudonym may give some commenters pause for thought, there are question marks over how many people will choose to link their accounts in this way.

YouTube real names

There was relative uproar when Google+ launched without the option to classify yourself under not-your-real-name, although Google did eventually relent.

It's not a requirement that all users do make the change though; if you choose not to, Google asks why you don't want to offering reasons like "My channel is for personal use, but I cannot use my real name".

YouTube real names

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