Yahoo Mail struggles to get back on track after outage

Yahoo Mail struggles to get back on track after outage
Pretty but useless

Embattled Yahoo Mail is being 'restored' after weeks of some people being unable to either log-in or send and receive emails, says the official Facebook page.

Yahoo said that it has restored POP Mail access and it's working to restore IMAP, although it has only managed to deliver 30% of emails sent during the outage.

Annoyed Yahoo users have not been shy about venting their outrage on social media. One said: "Lost emails and can't change passwords. Wtf are you people doing? No wonder Google's number one."

Some expressed gratitude for Yahoo's constant updates on the situation and were relieved that it was being dealt with, though:

"You are slowly earning back this angry customer's trust and loyalty. I am happy with you guys' newfound honesty and more frequent updates."

No love for the new design

Yahoo has had a difficult time since it redesigned its mail service back in October. Aside from the outage, its users have complained that core functionality such as tabs were removed, and new emails not appearing in bold.

The redesign is the second of the year for Yahoo and it's part of Yahoo's overall shake-up to better compete with rival services such as Gmail.