Web retailer 'philfing' maddens UK shoppers

Cheap website prices are driving highstreet stores to reduce their own prices

Britain is becoming a nation of 'angry online shoppers' with 93 per cent of us getting annoyed with sneaky website tactics, according to new research issued today.

A recent survey of 2,400 web users found hidden delivery charges to be the most annoying aspect, with 64 per cent of us saying it makes us decide to not buy from certain websites.

'Philfing' is the name given to the increasingly common practice of purposely holding back the real cost of 'extras' until the last minute before purchase.

"Shopping online is without doubt quick and convenient. However this growing trend of 'Philfing' is so annoying for consumers that they abandon their baskets at 'Philfers' sites and shop elsewhere,'' said Brian Trevaskiss at MoreComputers.com , who commissioned the survey.

Hidden charges

The research reveals so-called 'free delivery' offers which turn out to require an extra purchase or spending over a certain amount.

The online shopping comparison sites are now finding it increasingly difficult to maintain a level playing field when listing prices.

''We carefully monitor merchants for any signs of illegitimate or miss-leading behaviour,'' states Justin Sedgmond, Merchant Relations Director for PriceGrabber.co.uk. ''When we are made aware of any suspicious activity, we verify the problem and take appropriate action from there. We will contact the merchant, and solve the problem to make sure our customers are protected.''

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