SanDisk boosts security on USB flashdrives

SanDisk's Cruzer USB drives will in future be compatible with TrustWatch security

SanDisk has today introduced a new security suite to protect PC users against the potential threats posed by USB flash drives. Called TrustWatch, the software is built around a secure management console, through which IT administrators can easily configure and deploy secured USB flash drives to employees.

USB flash drives managed by the networked TrustWatch suite can securely store work-related information, and support remote access to email and other applications. On the road, employees can use a TrustWatch device on a borrowed PC without leaving any trace of their activity on that PC.

And crucially for some, if an employee loses their flash drive, or if one is stolen, the data on the drive can be remotely destroyed. This works by telling the home server to delete all information on the drive next time it signs in, which the drive does whenever it is plugged into an internet-enabled computer.

SanDisk is also offering mTrust, which provides an enhanced level of security with 256-bit encryption, enabling strong two factor authentication on storage products supplied by SanDisk.

"Enterprise IT managers have always been concerned about flash drives as enablers of information leakage, whether by accident or malicious intent," said Marc Metis at SanDisk.

"TrustWatch and mTrust together change the rules. Flash drives managed by TrustWatch or mTrust are secure, inside or outside the enterprise network, so workers can safely take their work anywhere."

TrustWatch was co-developed with RedCannon Security, a provider of centrally-managed, secure mobile-access solutions for the enterprise. The security features on the new products include:

  • TrustWatch Access - Provides security on the flash drive, including password protection. Integrates a secure browser, email client, spyware scanner, Citrix ICA Web client, optional VPN client and data storage. Also creates an activity log tracking all data moving to and from approved drives.
  • TrustWatch Vault - Establishes FIPS 140-2 certified encryption on the flash drive, sufficient for HIPPA, SOX and other compliance regulations.
  • TrustWatch Manager - Offers a browser-based centralised console to IT administrators, allowing them to remotely deploy, update, track and disable thousands of flash drives.
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