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Vimeo's pay-to-view service goes live with arthouse film selection

Vimeo's pay-to-view service goes live with arthouse film selection
Six to choose from

As promised, Vimeo is now previewing its pay-to-view film library, with a full launch now scheduled for early 2013.

There are six films now on Vimeo to buy; when you shell out for the films, they're added to your Watch Later list for access from any device, including Apple TV, Samsung Smart TVs, Roku, iPad and more.

The six launch films include questionably-coiffed Bond villain Javier Bardem's Sons of the Clouds addressing human rights in the Western Sahara and, in the UK, the excellent LCD Soundsystem concert-mentary Shut Up and Play The Hits.

Pricing and length of availability vary from film-to-film, starting at $5 (about £3) for 48 hours' access and going up to $9 for two months' (£6ish).

You wanted a hit

When Vimeo promised to add new ways for filmmakers to make money from its hipster video-sharing site, it wasn't messing around.

The company's TipJar incentive has been live for a while, allowing video-viewers to 'tip' the filmmakers if they like a video, but the pay-to-view option has only just entered the preview stage now.

All Vimeo Pro members will get access to the pay-to-view service in early 2013, at which point we hope there will be a bit more choice to mull over.

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