Twitter's 140-character limit may soon exclude photos and links

Your pics and links won't eat up Twitter's character limit any more

Twitter's strength is its brevity, but the 140-character limit can be especially restrictive if you're fond of attaching links and images to your tweets.

That all might change, as the microblogging service is reportedly playing around with the idea of exempting URLs and pictures from its character limit, according to Bloomberg.

Up until now, attachments likes links and pictures take up 23 characters, resulting in prolific tweeters relying on long chains of posts or other workarounds, like screenshots of lengthier text, if they have a lot to share at once.

While Twitter has yet to confirm the feature, removing the service's restrictions has been discussed openly as a keystone of the company's efforts to retain users. It even danced around with removing the character limit altogether until public backlash persuaded it otherwise.

Should the links and images be exempt from the character count, we can expect to hear about it from the beak of Twitter itself in the near future. We can also look forward to users cramming more content into a single tweet without losing the service's unique emphasis on shorthand, which would be a win-win as far as we are concerned.

Twitter declined to comment for this story.

Parker Wilhelm
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