Twitter removes option to get DMs from any old follower

Twitter adds option to get DMs from any old follower
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Update: As of November 19, the option to receive DMs from any follower has been removed.

When quizzed on the matter, Twitter's reps simply provided a link to Twitter's experimentation page, which seems to imply that it's just trying a few things out so don't get too hyped up.

No word on that standalone DM app either...

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If you're a friendly, sociable type, you may be pleased to hear that Twitter is adding the option to receive direct messages from anyone who follows you.

At the moment, only people you follow can send you private messages over Twitter, and you can only DM people who follow you.

However, one eagle-eyed settings lover reports that there's a new option in his settings: "Receive direct messages from any follower."

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Although it doesn't seem to have made an appearance in every Twitter user's options yet, the tick-box affair seems to default to un-ticked, meaning you'll have to opt-in if you want strangers to be able to contact you privately.

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While some are concerned that enabling this option will see their inboxes inundated with spam, it may actually encourage us all to report spammy followers instead of quietly letting them boost our follower numbers.

We've asked Twitter if this is just a quick experiment or a feature that will be rolling out to all users over the coming weeks.

Have you got the new option? Are you likely to enable it or would you rather keep control over who can contact you? Let us know in the comments below or - hey! - on Twitter.

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