Top ten YouTube rich list revealed

Top ten YouTube earners chart revealed by analytics company
Top ten YouTube earners chart revealed by analytics company

New research has revealed the top ten earners on YouTube.

The research by advertising and analytics firm TubeMogul, claims that the chart you can see at the bottom of this news story reveals YouTube's top 10 earners.

TubeMogul claims that at least 10 performers, writers and producers earned in excess of $100,000 (£65,000) over the last year in advertising revenue garnered from the millions of visits to their popular videos on the site.

Serious bedroom business

Uploading vlogs to YouTube is clearly becoming serious business for numerous bedroom-based entertainers.

It's estimated that around 60,000 new films are added to YouTube each week, which equates to around 12 hours of footage every minute. The real trick is how to sift out anything of quality from the morass of inanity.

Google-owned YouTube splits ad revenue from the site with content creators in a straight 50-50 deal. Nine of those listed in TubeMogul's top 10 are comics.

Comedian dismisses chart

One of those listed, Greg Benson of Mediocre Films, questioned the chart, noting: "I get asked this a lot. It's a fair question but it's kind of rude to ask someone how much money they make.

"It's so wrong... I would be thrilled if I actually had any business being on that list or if I actually made that much money or had that many viewers that they say I have. That would be awesome. It would also be awesome if I could shit diamonds. But I can't do that either."

TubeMogul's top ten YouTube earners

1. Shane Dawson

Estimated earnings in past 12 months: $315,000 (£200,000). Views in that time: 431,787,450

2. The Annoying Orange

$288,000. Views: 349,753,047

3. Philip DeFranco

$181,000. Views: 248,735,032

4. Ryan Higa

$151,000. Views: 206,979,909

5. Fred

$146,000. Views: 200,656,150

6. Shay Carl

$140,000. Views: 192,309,247

7. Mediocre Films

$116,000. Views: 159,030,703

8. Smosh

$113,000. Views: 154,936,876

9. The Young Turks

$112,000. Views: 153,807,362

10. Natalie Tran

$101,000. Views: 138,871,829

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