Talenthouse opens its doors to creatives

Talenthouse - fancy house-sitting with Stephen Dorff?
Talenthouse - fancy house-sitting with Stephen Dorff?

Social-networking websites are ten-a-penny at the moment, but Talenthouse may have enough celebrities backing it to give it some clout.

The website is touting itself as "a global community for creative talent, initially in music, fashion, art, film and photography" and a place that "empowers artists to create original content while also providing a forum for new artists to receive inspiration from established industry leaders".

Creative excellence

According to Roman Scharf, CEO of Talenthouse, the website has caught the attention of some notable celebrities, including actor Stephen Dorff and film director Fernando Meirelles – he of City Of God fame.

"With Talenthouse we eliminate the age-old artistic struggle for recognition and instead focus on creative excellence," explains Scharf.

"We are filling a tremendous void felt by the artistic community, which is why we see so much support from such a wide range of celebrated artists around the world."

Any artist who wants to create a profile on Talenthouse can now do so, just as you would set up a page on any other social-networking site.

You will also be able to embed these details into your Facebook or Myspace pages.

As it has been in a closed Alpha stage, there are already 25,000 members signed up to the site, with its makers hoping for a million by this time next year.

Find out more at www.talenthouse.com.

Marc Chacksfield

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