One more thing: furious Facebook father flips

One more thing: furious Facebook father flips
News - full of fricatives

It's Friday which means you are quite possibly looking for things on the internet to wile away that seemingly endless time before the working week ends and the weekend begins.

Well, you are in luck as enclosed in this article are not one but 10, yes 10, news stories from the world of technology that have made us smile – and a smile from a hard-nosed tech journo is as rare as a Googlewhack, so you better enjoy.

Facebook smackdown – It used to be that a teenager could diss their parents behind their backs without them ever finding out but in this wonderful world of social networks, nothing is private.

A girl from North Carolina found this out the hard way when she updated her Facebook status with a rather irate comment, only for her dad to take matters into his own hands by smashing up her laptop and filming the whole thing. We're praying that she doesn't ever get caught for smoking – if she does, we're betting there will be a flame thrower involved. [TheNextWeb]

A brand don't come for free – High-street clothes horse H&M has managed to get itself to the top of the most-followed brands list on Google+. The reason might have something has everything to do with David Beckham in his pants. [SlashGear]

Toy talk – Zynga, the maker of Farmville, is branching out into toy production by enlisting Hasbro to create the cuddly characters from its games. This is in no way like Rovi teaming up with Mattel to make Angry Birds. None at all. [SlashGear]

Manchester City, big in Japan – Man City is looking to give something back to its international fan base by building a bespoke mobile website purely for fans in Japan. The site will give access to club data, merchandising and memorabilia. It will also come complete with a Where's Carlos Tevez game, which is a bit like Where's Wally except that you can always find him on the bench. [Reuters]

Google gone – The first-ever official employee of Google, Craig Silverstein, has announced that he is set to leave the company. He is off to something called the Khan Academy – where he has been tasked with watching Star Trek 2 over and over and over again. Probably. [All Things Digital]

Bluetooth gains muscle – the good folk behind Bluetooth have announced a new division of the company that will focus on fitness gadgets. This means that we will be seeing a lot more devices with Bluetooth functionality that will make us all that little bit fit… sorry, we had to wipe some doughnut jam off the keyboard while writing that. [Engadget]

BBC troll – The BBC managed to peek under the filthy duvet of the strange world of internet trolling this week and tracked down one web user who couldn't stop writing poisoned pen missives.Unsurprisingly, the man they unmasked as being an internet troll is as every bit as vile as you would expect him to be. [CNET]

Apple's not all white – Apple has finally killed off its white Macbook range, ending the company's iconic association with the colour white. In memory of the colour white, the whole of the UK was covered in snow as a tribute. Yes, Apple has the power to do this, even if it has now gone to the Dark Side. [The Verge]

Obama sing-a-long – President Obama may be in the middle of a campaign to stay in the White House but that hasn't stopped him taking time out to create a Spotify playlist to go alongside his electioneering. Songs of note on the playlist includes a little bit of indie ('You've Got The Love' by Florence and the rest of the Magic Roundabout) some soul ('Let's Stay Together' by Al Green - unfortunately not Obama's version) and some British prog rock in the form of 'Mr Bright Sky' by ELO. Groovy. [Spotify]

Mobile Donkey – Old school PC gamers can rejoice as Donkey, the first ever PC game, has landed on the iTunes Store. Donkey may not be as graphically intense as other games on iOS but it's full of 8-bit charm and well worth a few of your hard-earned pence. [Apple]

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