Masters Degree in Facebook offered

Poke 101 will be the first semester's core module
Poke 101 will be the first semester's core module

Students will now be able to take a Masters degree in 'Social Media', with the University of Salford insisting that the course can give real-world skills and experience.

Although it should come as little surprise that people will now have the option to have an MA in Facebook and Twitter, the course is apparently aimed to produce the next generation of PRs and marketers.

Course leader Professor Ben Light said: "Social media is often associated with photos and statuses on Facebook," he said. "But there's a massive potential for it to bring communities together, whether they're geographical or online.

"We feel that social media can be a way of doing social good and by giving students the skills and experience to implement effective technology and strategies, we hope they'll be able to make a difference."

Flexible and fast evolving

"Social media is a flexible and fast evolving phenomenon," he said.

"So careers in this subject will be hugely varied as well. What we can say, is that knowledge of high quality production and communication techniques will enable people to create powerful campaigns – whether for commercial or social reasons."

TechRadar will probably not be attending the course as we are too fully focused on our Doctorate in YouTube for such frivolities. But we do like the idea of doing a 140-character dissertation.

Patrick Goss

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