Google buys Ireland's tallest commercial building for Euro HQ

Google buys Ireland's tallest commercial building for new Euro headquarters

Google has bought Ireland's tallest commercial building in Dublin to house its EMEA headquarters.

Following the announcement of the real estate deal this week, Google is soon set to move its staff into its new 15-storey Montevetro office building on Dublin's Barrow Street.

At 67 metres high, Google's new EMEA HQ is Ireland's tallest commercial building, although a number of cathedrals tower considerably higher, such as the 97-metre high Limerick Cathedral.

Which means there will be no 'bigger than God' claims from Google anytime soon.

Google's John Herlihy, VP of ad operations and head of Google in Ireland said of the new HQ in Dublin: "We are at capacity in our EMEA headquarters on Barrow Street and the additional space will allow us to relocate some teams to Montevetro and to create an even more spacious working environment for Googlers in our existing buildings.

"Acquiring Montevetro also means we have the space and flexibility to support our future operations."

European expansion

The immense 15-storey building comprises 210,000 square feet of office space in Dublin's Grand Canal Dock, allowing Google to plan for considerable European expansion in the future.

John Bruder, Managing Director at Treasury Holdings Ireland said of the deal: "Google is an iconic name globally and its decision to buy Montevetro is good news for Ireland and we wish them every success in their new home."