Goodmans new internet radio alarm clock iPod dock


Goodmans has entered the affordable Wi-Fi enabled "all-in-one portable product” market with the GWF101IP, pictured.

While the company could have made more of an effort in naming this does-it-all internet radio, it plans to release it this coming April for a competitive £99.

You can search for stations via country, continent, genre or locality. And should you tire of the 6000+ stations on offer, you can also bang your iPod into the (almost mandatory) in-built dock.

Timbuktu to Trinidad

“Have fun surfing global radio stations from Timbuktu to Trinidad & Tobago, including the usual UK FM and DAB radio stations for those less adventurous travellers,” Goodman’s tells us. It adds: “The GWF101IP also incorporates a Clock Radio Alarm so you can wake up to a choice of Buzzer, iPod or PC stored music.

"Alternatively, for a more gentler start to the day why not awaken to local Hawaiian Hula music or the RootsRockReggae station direct from Jamaica.”

Not a bad price, if you are looking for a decent birthday or Easter pressie this month.

Still, we’d rather have a Chumby.