Facebook hits 1 billion active users, says it's like a chair

Facebook hits 1 billion active users, says it's like a chair
Well, chairs did come first

Over a billion people are now using Facebook on a regular basis, with over 600 million of them using mobiles to do so.

To celebrate, the company has released a little video that likens Facebook to, among other things, a chair, doorbells and basketball. Sure, Facebook. Sure you're like a chair.

Back to the hard stats, then. The now familiar 'like' action has proven popular, with Facebook reporting 1.13 trillion Likes and counting, as well as 140.3 billion friends made on the site.

Photo of a chair

Sharing photos has always been a major feature of Facebook, so it's no surprise to hear that 219 billion of the things have been uploaded, while over 300 million more are added every day.

Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of the site, said it has been an 'honor' to 'serve' us Facebook users.

The stat-splurge comes with a blocked Hollywood scriptwriter's dream cache of user stories, including the one about a woman who was presumed dead tracking her family down on the social network 34 years after a car accident left her with amnesia.

You'll like this one if romance is more your genre of choice: a boy and a girl fell in love. Something went wrong and they broke up. Years passed: the boy married and had children, his children had children, and a man named Mark invented a website called Facebook.

The boy joined Facebook and looked up his girlfriend of 42 years before. They exchanged messages, they met, they fell back in love and they got married.

...What? Nothing, just something in our eye.

Update: Here is the chair video. Enjoy:

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