Intel Core i5-11600K fails to match AMD Ryzen 5 5600X in leaked benchmarks

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The release of Intel’s Rocket Lake CPU lineup is fast approaching, so it’s no surprise that the rumored Intel Core i5-11600K has made its first appearance on Geekbench

While we've seen the incoming Intel Core i9-11900K and Core i7-11700K show up in multiple leaks, this is the first time we've been given an idea of the performance we can expect from Intel's Core i5 Rocket Lake-S CPU.

The listing reveals that the mid-range CPU, which looks set to make its official debut next month, will be a 6-core, 12-thread part with a base clock of 3.9GHz and a boost clock of 4.9GHz. 

However, the Geekbench listing also reveals that the Intel Core I5-11600K fails to match its AMD equivalent when it comes to performance. The Rocket Lake-S CPU racked up single-core and multi-core scores of 1565 and 6220 in respectively, while the AMD Ryzen 5 5600X managed to score more than 1,600 and 7,500 in the same tests. 

It’s worth noting that the CPU - which is likely an engineering sample - was tested on a Gigabyte Z490M motherboard with 2133MHz of super-slow DDR4 memory, so it’s likely this setup hampered the Core i5-11600K’s performance.

It’s not all bad news, either, as despite the poor setup, the CPU managed a 19% increase in single-core performance compared to its Comet Lake-S predecessor. There appears to be an issue with multi-core performance, though, as the current-gen CPU currently ranks as 13% faster than its successor. 

While the performance of the Intel Core i5-11600K isn’t much to shout about, Intel’s Rocket Lake-S lineup looks set to be spearheaded by a potentially record-breaking CPU. The Intel Core i9-11900K recently posted the fastest ever single-core result on Geekbench, going by a recent leak.

Intel is set to announce its long-awaited Rocket Lake-S CPUs on March 15.

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