Intel Alder Lake CPUs now rumored to launch in October - alongside the next generation of Windows

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Intel’s long-awaited 12th-generation Alder Lake desktop CPUs will reportedly be launching in October - alongside Microsoft’s next-generation of Windows. 

That’s according to information from leaker Moore’s Law is Dead, who has tweeted that Intel’s so-called Alder Lake Desktop-K series “could be released around a spooky time of year”.

While recent rumors had hinted at a November launch for the 12th-gen CPUs, this latest rumor appears to suggest that an October launch is on the cards. 

In a follow-up tweet, Moore’s Law is Dead has shed some more light on the upcoming launch. The tipster claims that the next version of Windows - which Microsoft has confirmed it will show off on 24 June - will debut around the same time as Alder Lake. 

This is “not a coinidence”, according to the leaker, suggesting that Intel and Microsoft are working to optimise the performance of Alder Lake CPUs for the upcoming build of Windows, which Moore's Law is Dead notes will feature "massive scheduling updates".

While the launch of Alder Lake CPUs are still a few months off, we already know quite a lot about the 10nm processor series. 

As confirmed by Intel itself, Alder Lake will employ a combination of normal cores and low-power cores – a system similar to ARM’s big.LITTLE tech. The low-power cores will be more efficient and able to run the show when the system is idling or under little stress, the idea being that battery life can be saved as a result.

The CPU series, which will be Intel’s first  to support both PCIe 5.0 and DDR5, will also deliver a 20% performance increase for single-threaded applications and up to twice as good multi-threaded performance compared to Rocket Lake, according to reports.

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