Hyundai Seven concept EV is a pixel-packed SUV with an interior that looks like a home

Close up of bumper lights on EV
(Image credit: Hyundai)

There's a new all electric SUV imminent, with the Hyundai Seven concept officially teased by the South Korean firm - including a close-up shot of the bodywork and some rather dramatic interior images.

Hyundai has already made waves in the electric car market, and while its earlier EV - the Ioniq - failed to properly deliver, the recent Ioniq 5 has arrived as one of the best all-electric vehicles currently on the market.

Expectation is high for Hyundai's new EV installment then - the mid-size Seven SUV (Hyundai is writing out the word seven rather then using the numeric digit).

Concepts rarely make it into production unchanged, so it's unlikely that the Seven, or whatever it's called when it goes on sale - possibly the Ioniq 7, will be as wacky inside as these teaser images suggest. 

That said, the vehicle will be revolutionary, even if only a handful of the interior features make it through the R&D stage.

More lounge than car

It's a reasonable assumption that the name Seven may indicate seven passenger seats, and Hyundai notes that the vehicle is spacious, further bolstering that theory. 

The lounge seating configuration and soft ambience of the teaser images suggest a retro-futuristic design. Pastel colors and warm lighting further add to the mood, and Hyundai threw in some fresh flowers to complete the motif. 

Hyundai notes that the Seven's interior is clad in sustainable materials that "offer a refined, eco-friendly mobility experience that reflects the changing lifestyles of its customers."

When it launches, Seven will join Hyundai's Ioniq EV family, which currently includes the Hyundai Ioniq 5 electric crossover in the United States and other models in international markets. 

The group of vehicles features what Hyundai calls Parametric Pixels, which for the Ioniq 5 means a confluence of square shapes, sharp angles, and strong lines.

Hyundai will debut the Seven at the AutoMobility Los Angeles press conference at 9:55am PT / 12:55pm ET on November 17. 

The car will remain on display at the LA Auto Show, taking place at the LA Convention Center, between November 17 and 28 for public viewing.

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