Huawei Watch 3 could have built-in Bluetooth earbuds

Huawei is probably working on a Huawei Watch 3 and while we don’t know much about it yet the company has published a number of patents relating to wearables, most recently one which describes a smartwatch that comes with built-in Bluetooth earbuds.

The patent, which was published by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) and spotted by LetsGoDigital, details a couple of different designs for this, with the most attention given to one that would see the earbuds built into little capsule-like containers between the watch body and the strap.

Another option shows a watch strap with a little container on the bottom that houses the earbuds, though this would probably be less ideal, since it would leave them awkwardly jutting out the bottom of the strap.

Easy listening

In either case though, having Bluetooth earphones attached to the watch would mean they’re always with you, so you can more easily take calls and listen to music from the watch, rather than having to turn to your phone. It would also make it more viable to leave the house without your phone.

On the flipside, they would inevitably add to the size of the watch, which isn’t ideal when smartwatches are often on the large side already – and if they’re going to get bigger then it might be better to use the extra space for a larger battery.

So it’s questionable how popular this idea would be, and as it’s just a patent for now it may well not get used, but it’s a possible feature for the Huawei Watch 3 or some other Huawei wearable.

This isn't the first time Huawei has done something like this though, as the Huawei TalkBand B1 and TalkBand B2 popped out of their straps to become a Bluetooth earpiece for calls.

Whatever features the Huawei Watch 3 has though we might not see it for a while, as the company only recently launched the Huawei Watch 2 2018.

James Rogerson

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