Sony unveils NFC-toting MDR-1 range of headphones

Sony unveils NFC-toting NDR-1 range of headphones
Sony - embraces NFC with new cans

Sony has announced the arrival of its latest batch of headphones, the premium MDR-1 range.

The headphones, part of Sony's IFA 2012 line-up, come in three flavours but it's the NFC-enabled MDR-1RBT range that's caught our eye.

These cans offer up One-Touch NFC compatibility so you just need a quick tap to pair up your NFC-enabled phone to the headphones and they are wireless too.

If NFC isn't your thing, then there's also Bluetooth on board and the staying power for the headphones is a more-than decent 30 hours. Oh, and a cord can also be found in the box, just in case you find yourself without wireless capabilities.

Sony headphones

The other two Sony headphones are non-wireless but still pack something of an audio punch.

There's the MDR-1R – which has audio performance extending from 4Hz to 80kHz, a new serrated cable to stop tangling and some powerful bass.

Although the headphones aren't branded, Sony brought in dubstep pioneers Magnetic Man to check them out and make sure they are tuned as best they can be – we're guessing they needed more wub wub.

And the final headphones to be announced are the premium MDR-1RNC. These cans offer noise cancelling, which expels 99.7 per cent of ambient noise and can be used for 22 hours without the need of charging.

As with all Sony products, the company won't be nailed down on exact pricing, but expect to see the MDR-1 headphone range start from £250.

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