In pictures: LG HS200 mini LED projector

LG has announced the arrival of its latest mini projector, the HS200.

The company is no stranger to ultra mobile projectors, having dipped its toes in the territory with the HS102, but the HS200 is a fine update to the range, offering 2,000:1 contrast ratio, a brightness of 200 nits, and 800 x 600 resolution.


TechRadar took a trip to LG towers this week and saw the HS200 in action. It was beaming out footage of Wii Tennis, and looked like the ideal short-throw partner to Nintendo's console.


Part of the HS200's charm is its use of LED technology which offers lower power consumption and less chance of the bulb burning out.

You can project up to a 120-inch screen size, but half this and you will have much better colours and contrasts to deal with.

Inputs on the projector include: SB, Audio in/out, Video in, RGB, HDMI. There's also the ability to manual focus but zooming on the device is fixed.


"We have seen that the desire to recreate a cinematic experience in the home has become increasingly popular over that past year," said Warren Lewis, General Manager, LG Electronics, about the HS200.

"LG has created a range of easy to use media devices including the HS200, in reaction to this growing trend. This means impressive home entertainment set-ups are accessible to consumers without the need for advanced technological expertise."


The release date for the LG HS200 is early October, and the projector should retail for around £500.

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Marc Chacksfield

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