Philips Fidelio range gets a bizarre soundbar and in-ear headphones

Philips Fidelio range gets a bizarre soundbar and in-ear headphones
The SoundBar - with detachable wireless speakers

Philips' high-end audiophile range Fidelio has been given a CES 2013 boost with the arrival of in-ear headphones and an interesting SoundBar speaker.

The Dutch giant has won good reviews with its Fidelio kit and it will be hoping that the Philips Fidelio HTL9100 SoundBar Speaker continues that trend with its 'surround sound on demand'.

That means detachable wireless speakers for when you are seeking a little more depth, which is certainly an interesting concept and, according to Philips, designed for when you want to watch movies or play games.

The lack of wires makes the whole thing more practical, and could well make this a popular hybrid product for those who don't want permanent speaker clutter.


The other headliner for Philips is in-ear headphones Fidelio S2 and S1, which have been crafted for extreme comfort - which is nice.

The heaphones are aiming to keep your music sounding beautiful despite their size promising " balanced sound with deep bass, transparent mid-range and refined high frequencies".

Elsewhere from Philips there are a range of new soundbars which include the HTL3120 and a portable conference speaker designed for business and quite possibly responsible for the most annoying train journey you have ever had if someone is using one near you.

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