Logitech Z623 speaker system brings THX certification

This man loved the THX audio so much, someone stole his drum without him noticing

Logitech has unveiled its THX certified Z623 speaker system, with a price tag just shy of £150.

The peripherals manufacturer is pushing the speakers, with the Lucas stamp of approval, as ideal for music, movies and games.

The 2.1 system offers 200 watts (RMS) power, RCA and 3.5mm outputs and a built in headphone jack.

"Engrossed in audio"

"Whether you're listening to rock music, watching a Steven Spielberg movie, or playing your favourite video game, the experience is always richer when you get engrossed in the audio," said Marcus Harvey, Logitech UK & Ireland Country Manager.

"That's why we built the Logitech Speaker System Z623 – so you can lose yourself in whatever you're into.

"For DVD aficionados, music enthusiasts and hardcore gamers, the Z623 system delivers powerful audio for your room. And with THX certification, you know you're getting the best."

The Logitech Speaker System Z623 has been given a UK release date of September and a suggested retail price of £149.