Xero: high-end hi-fi, high-street prices

Leema's new Xero borrows from its upmarket stablemates, yet costs just £670

The ex-BBC engineers behind Leema Acoustics are credited with making some of the finest loudspeakers on the market.

The Welshpool-based manufacturer's latest offering, the Xero standmount, is priced at just £670 and borrows heavily from the brand's celebrated Xen loudspeaker, which is priced at £1,300.

A little Xen moment

The tiny Xero is a development of the Xen with the 'home user' in mind. Whilst based on the Xen, it has a slightly larger wood-based cabinet, a bass/mid drive unit based on Leema's Xone model (£2,250), plus the Xen's ferrofluid-damped 'Tymphany' fabric tweeter.

The engineering team has modified the crossover to accommodate the slightly larger cabinet and new bass/mid driver. They're given the speaker a single, rear-mounted bass port to provide extra bass reinforcement when used in close-wall placement settings.

Whilst sensitivity is fairly low at 85.5db, the Xero is rated at up to 200 watts, so it's not afraid to play loud. It's also wife/partner-friendly, with its compact dimensions and choice of five real-wood finishes. Considering the Xero's design heritage, at £670 it could well turn out to be the peach of the Leema Acoustics' loudspeaker line-up.