Compact Boston speaker sounds great anywhere

The compact Boston Soundware speaker is available in a wide variety of colours - you can even paint it to match your décor

Tracking down family-friendly, house-trained loudspeakers can be a trial - especially if you want decent sound. Claiming to have solved that particular conundrum is Boston Acoustics, whose new SoundWare range promises all of the above - and can be used in the bathroom, shower or outdoors too.

Boston says the 6-inch square SoundWare is the result of a new approach to speaker design - one that focuses on maximum flexibility, convenience and sound... all without turning your home into a hi-fi shop.

The SoundWare marries its unique polyhedron shape with a bracket that enables the speaker to be mounted in corners, on the ceiling, high on a wall or angled so it fires at a 30-degree or 45-degree angle from the skirting board. And because it's weather-proof, the SoundWare can even be used in damp conditions like your kitchen or garden.

Speakers should be heard, not seen

For maximum domestic bliss the SoundWare is available in seven different colours - just red, expresso, bamboo, natural, white, black and silver - and can be painted so it can be perfectly matched to your décor.

Tech-head Dads will be pleased to hear that the Boston Acoustics SoundWare uses a two-way speaker cabinet with a 20mm high frequency tweeter and a 114mm mid-range/bass woofer. Power handling capability is a maximum 100W. Frequency response is pegged at 90Hz-20kHz (±3dB) with 8 ohms impedance and 87dB sensitivity. Each speaker measures 157mm x 157mm x 167mm and weighs 2.22kg.

The SoundWare is available now for £150 a pair. Call 01753 28794 for more info and stockists.