Avatar is first film to sell one million Blu-rays in UK

Avatar is first film to sell a one million in Blu-rays in UK
Avatar - a big seller on Blu-ray

Avatar has become the first film to hit the one million mark in British Blu-ray sales, although it was Batman sequel The Dark Knight Rises that topped the biggest sellers of 2012.

Blu-ray has battled hard for relevance, competing against new and disruptive technologies like streaming services - but sales were up 8.9 per cent year on year, according to figures supplied by the British Video Association.

The BVA also suggests that 3D Blu-ray sales have risen by an impressive looking 188 per cent - although this was practically from a standing start.

Want another stat for a cold Monday? Well okay then: apparently Blu-ray sales made up 30.1 per cent of the top 10 films, up from 25.8 per cent in 2011.

I need a hero

Behind The Dark Knight Rises in top spot, Avengers Assemble came in second ahead of Prometheus, Sherlock Holmes and The Amazing Spider-Man.

That means three of the top five films were about super heroes, one was about a super sleuth and one was about aliens.

In the 3D top 10, Martin Scorsese's quiet masterpiece Hugo took the biggest share of the pie, ahead of Prometheus, Avengers Assemble, Underworld Awakening and Avatar.

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