Hive’s latest move lets you set up a smart home on a budget

Setting up a smart home is an attractive proposition, one which gets less attractive as you add on the price of each individual item. Before you know it you’ve racked up a bill of hundreds of pounds, and you’re still short a smart plug.

If this sounds familiar, then you may be in luck. Smart home giant Hive has created a payment plan called Hive Warm Welcome Home Plan that includes all of the essentials for setting up your smart home, spreading the cost across a year, bringing it down to a much more palatable £27.99 a month. 

The package includes the Hive Thermostat, a Smart Plug, a Motion Sensor, two dimmable Hive Active Lights,  a Hive Hub and receiver, and an Amazon Echo smart speaker.

Big bundle, little price

The Echo Dot isn’t the best speaker on the market in terms of its sound quality, but if you’re just looking to get started with your smart home setup, or already have an Echo and want the smaller smart speaker for a second room, it’s tough to beat. 

It’s an impressive little bundle, full of devices that we think highly of. What’s even better is that the price includes Hive Live, which gives you access to extended warranties, advanced services, and discounts on Hive products for when you inevitably want to supplement or upgrade your kit. 

There are different bundles available, meaning that if you don’t need professional installation the price can be as low as £19.99. After 12 months, you’ll drop down to £2.99 per month for Hive Live regardless of which package you’re on. 

Check out all the options on the Hive Warm Welcome Home Plan page

Andrew London

Andrew London is a writer at Velocity Partners. Prior to Velocity Partners, he was a staff writer at Future plc.