HiBoost mobile signal boosters: solve poor reception for good

Whether you’re at home or in the office – or indeed working from home – a poor mobile signal can be a big problem. When you’re in the middle of a crucial project, for example, a dropped phone call, or a terribly sluggish mobile broadband connection (which perhaps cuts out completely at times) can prove to be hugely frustrating liabilities.

The good news is that there are solutions to these sort of woes for those in weak signal areas who use their mobile device for business or leisure purposes, and one of the most powerful – yet still affordable – options is a mobile signal booster, as produced by Huaptec under the HiBoost brand.

This equipment does exactly what it says on the tin: it boosts the strength of the mobile signal you receive, either for voice calls, 3G/4G data, or both. How does it accomplish this feat? Huaptec’s range of high quality signal boosting kits (which come direct from the manufacturer) comprise of an outdoor antenna that’s mounted on the roof or wall of the building, connected via a cable to the booster unit itself inside the property, which in turn connects to an indoor antenna.

The external antenna picks up the mobile signal from the nearest base station and transmits this weak signal to the booster unit, which amplifies it to far more powerful levels, sending it to the internal antenna which then broadcasts this much stronger signal indoors.

Choosing a HiBoost mobile signal booster confers a number of advantages. The company offers a wide range of different solutions to cater for all needs, so if you just want to boost voice calls alone, or only the 3G/4G signal, it’s possible to purchase a single-band booster that achieves this sole aim.

Alternatively, Huaptec makes dual-band boosters which amplify both voice and 3G (or 4G) signal, or alternatively both 3G and 4G. And for those who really need a multi-purpose all-in-one solution, there are tri-band or five-band solutions which allow for voice and 3G plus 4G to be boosted, and more in the latter case (covering further mobile data frequency bands). Only the HiBoost range offers a five-band cell phone booster, incidentally.

All major mobile frequency bands are supported across the range of HiBoost products including GSM, DCS, 3G, LTE1800, LTE800, LTE2600, and all sizes of premises are covered up to 3000m2 in area. Not to mention that all budgets are catered for, as well, with prices starting from as low as €249 (around £220, $280).

Each signal booster package consists of a full kit with all necessary installation components (including antennas, cables, mounting brackets, etc), and the hardware is easy to install in your home or office, not to mention simple to set up. HiBoost is head and shoulders above the competition in this respect thanks to some nifty technology which its products incorporate.

For example, the HiBoost Hi20-EW dual-band voice plus 3G booster has an intelligent LCD screen which assists during installation, helping to find the best location for the outdoor antenna. This display is also great for troubleshooting as it pinpoints any errors with the installation, and in general usage, it clearly shows the current settings of the booster unit.

The Hi20-EW also sports clever AGC (automatic gain control) technology which delivers the best performance for boosting the mobile signal in your property, with no input needed from the user. When you first plug the device in, AGC means it will automatically configure itself to get the best possible signal indoors right off the bat. Furthermore, AGC regulates the booster’s signal amplification power to avoid interfering with your nearest cell tower.

If you want to adjust the level of signal boost yourself, there’s also MGC (or manual gain control) which lets you do just that. All of the controls are implemented in a user-friendly manner, so there’s no room for confusion.

It’s hardly surprising that these signal boosters are so well designed and implemented when you consider that Huaptec manufactures industrial signal repeaters for mobile operators. The HiBoost series takes its cues from this professional equipment, with the main difference being that these products are streamlined and tailored to be ideal for the average user.

HiBoost hardware firmly puts the emphasis on quality and reliability, and is a world away from some of the more compromised, corner-cutting solutions that you might find elsewhere on the market.

Note that there are major hidden benefits to using a signal booster, including a longer battery life for your phone. This is because the booster provides a strong, stable signal, which means the handset isn’t struggling to pick up the signal any longer, and thus it’s using less power as a result, meaning better battery longevity.

Furthermore, using HiBoost equipment reduces the amount of radiation emitted by your smartphone, another by-product of the fact that the phone doesn’t have to work as hard to search for a stable signal. The HiBoost range is designed to be environmentally friendly and safe for users, boasting official CE certification for compliance with EU-wide safety and health regulations.

So if you fancy turning a weakness into a strength – at least where mobile signal is concerned – then head on over to the website www.hiboostusa.com where you’ll find an extensive range of HiBoost mobile signal boosters to suit every requirement for the home or business user.