Hear your way to victory with LucidSound’s premium gaming audio

LucidSound LS15X Wireless Gaming Headset for Xbox Series X|S in Shock Blue
(Image credit: LucidSound)


With each big, new game that comes on the market, there’s a ton of discussion about the updated graphics and the visual quality of the game. And while there’s considerable investment in high-end displays to enjoy those games, visuals are only one aspect of the game. 

Even if you’re playing the most visually-stunning game on a premium TV or monitor, you could be missing out on a huge part of the experience by using sub-par headphones, and you could be giving up a major competitive advantage.

LucidSound’s gaming headsets help you gain that all back. With a quality option like the LucidSound LS15X Wireless Gaming Headset, you’ll enter a world of powerful audio that you won’t want to come back from.

The LucidSound LS15X provides booming sound through its custom-tuned 50mm drivers. You’ll not only get more impact from sound effects like explosions, but also the musical scores that provide ambiance in story-based games. 

The headset even supports a variety of surround sound modes with Windows Sonic and Dolby Atmos — being able to hear an enemy sneaking up from behind you is a competitive advantage you can only get through quality audio.

The LucidSound LS15X provides that premium sound all through a low-latency, wireless connection to Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC, so you can get comfortable wherever you want to play from, with no cords to get tangled up in. 

For long gaming sessions, that comfort is an important aspect of a gaming headset, and the LS15X goes even further in providing it by using an ultra-lightweight, flexible frame and soft, memory foam earpads that can even comfortably accommodate glasses. 

The design isn’t the only thing that’ll help you keep going during longer gaming sessions. The LS15X headset provides up to 15 hours of battery life, so you can keep gaming wirelessly even for marathon sessions. A 3.5mm wired connection provides a backup and will let you use the headset with other devices, like mobile phones.

The audio coming out of your headset is only one part of the equation when you’re playing with teammates. You also need a capable microphone, and the LS15X actually provides more than one. 

There’s a boom mic to precisely capture your voice and communicate with teammates. But, if you’re on the go and want a more streamlined headset, you can detach the LS15X’s boom mic and use a built-in mic on the ear cup to keep comms active. 

A handy mic monitoring feature is also available, letting you hear your voice going into the microphone through the headphones, so you don’t end up shouting even as the in-game action gets hectic.

You can level up the style for your gaming setup with this special Shock Blue model available exclusively at GameStop. And if you’re looking to browse the rest of LucidSound’s premium gaming headsets, you can see them all on the company’s website