Here are all of the Easter eggs for Google's 20th anniversary – and the Google Doodle

Google Easter Eggs and doodles

Believe it or not, we've been telling people to 'Google it' for twenty years this month and, in that time, a lot has changed when it comes to how we search for things.

You're no longer trying to find out what in the world "Gettin' Jiggy wit it" means, or pondering "What is Y2K?" All of those late 90s search queries have been replaced.

Of course, Google has all of the data on our evolved phrasing, and it's adding the archaic (and often awkward) questions of yesteryear into its search results today.

Here are the best Google Easter eggs you'll find in Search today, disguised as spelling mistakes if you type in the retro version of 2018 lingo.
Type in this retro term / See 'It's 2018! Did you mean...' 

  1. MP3 file / Stream music 
  2. Watch a dvd / Streaming subscription
  3. Googol / Google
  4. Gettin' jiggy wit it / Floss dance 
  5. Page me / New phone, who dis?
  6. Butterfly clip styles / Top knot
  7. Soccer world champions 1998 / Soccer world champions 2018 (Hint: Two very good years for the France national team)
  8. Chat room / Text the group
  9. How to tell someone you like them / Swipe right
  10. Low-rider pants / How to style high waisted pants
  11. Digital pet / Fidget spinner
  12. Baby / Bae
  13. 143 / ILYSM 
  14. What is Y2K? / how does cryptocurrency work?
  15. Screen name / Social handle
  16. Clip art / GIF
  17. Keepin' it real / Keep it 100

If you're confused about what 'floss dancing' is, this is the dance move that's become popular with Generation Z – a lateral version of your 1960s churning butter move.

There's a new Google doodle, too

Google's celebration goes beyond today's 17 Easter eggs. The company also created a 20th anniversary Google doodle, if you haven't seen it on already.

It's a playable Google doodle that features popular searches from the last 20 years, ones that are different from the Easter eggs listed above and complete with all sorts of cute animations.

The 1998 Google Garage tour via Street View

What was the original Google Garage like? You can turn the clock back 20 years to Google's humble beginnings with Google Street View. It features a virtual tour of the cramped corners and the old tech that fostered the Mountain View company. Look closely and you'll see the CRT screen has the old Google search box front-and-center. 

The "main office" is actually a bedroom with a whiteboard that says "Google’s Worldwide Headquarters" in black text. There's a collapsible mini rainbow sphere, a surf-frog terrarium, a dinosaur, a ping pong table, and a keyboard for music breaks, according to the company. Google even included a a secret Street View Easter egg that we won't spoil – it's tucked inside a trap door. It certainly doesn't belong in 1998 like the rest of this stuff.

Matt Swider