Virtua Tennis uses Wii MotionPlus

Sega's Virtua Tennis WILL make use of Nintendo's new Wii MotionPlus tech
Sega's Virtua Tennis WILL make use of Nintendo's new Wii MotionPlus tech

Sega has announced what is perhaps one of the biggest third party Wii games to date this week. TechRadar can also confirm that the new Wii version of the mighty Virtua Tennis WILL also make use of the new Wii MotionPlus controller tech.

While Sega and Nintendo's UK spokespeople remained schtum on the matter, TechRadar's source confirmed that Nintendo's much-improved motion control tech will be used in the third-party tennis game from Sega, making it one of the first third-party games to make use of the new tech.

TechRadar will be amongst the first to preview Nintendo's Wii MotionPlus tech, which will be making its debut in May this year on Nintendo's very own Wii Sports Resort, in addition to Sega's Virtua Tennis and – no doubt – a welter of other Wii titles soon to be announced.

"Wii owners will finally be able to take to the courts in the fans number one tennis game, boasting all the features and arcade action that has made Virtua Tennis the most critically acclaimed and best-selling tennis series available," reads Sega's release just in.

Developer still under wraps

Sega is still to confirm which lucky development studio has been given the Virtua Tennis Wii project, but we should soon know if it is the UK's own Sumo studio or one of Sega's Japanese studios working on the title.

Either way, we cannot wait to play it.

The press release adds more detail, informing us: "Virtua Tennis 2009 for Wii includes the same impressive player roster as Virtua Tennis 2009 on other platforms, meaning top stars such as Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Maria Sharapova and Venus Williams will all be in game, as well as players new to the series such as Andy Murray and Ana Ivanovic.

"Over 40 court vibrant court environments will be playable within single player, multiplayer and online modes giving Virtua Tennis 2009 an impressive online and offline depth for a Wii title.

It sounds very much like this could well be the definitive home console version of Sega's premier sports franchise.

"The list of Court Games has also been updated for Virtua Tennis 2009, meaning the return of old Virtua Tennis favourites, some revamped classics and 5 new games. Virtua Tennis 2009 for the Wii will also include the official Davis Cup license and the World Tour Mode, which will allow Wii owners to experience Virtua Tennis online."

Adam Hartley