Valve finally looking to launch Steam on Linux?

Valve finally looking to launch Steam on Linux?
It looks like it's actually happening!

Linux users are finally going to get a piece of the Steam pie, with Valve apparently confirming it is to launch on the platform.

There's been much rumour and speculation about Valve developing Steam for Linux but the company has been its usual laconic self in actually announcing anything concrete about its plans.

Considering it only hit Mac in 2010, it's well known that Gabe Newell and the rest of the team at Valve don't release builds until they are absolutely ready to.

According to Michael Larabel of Linux benchmarking site Phoronix, Valve is definitely launching on Linux soon and he has seen what's coming.

Letting off Steam

Larabel is expected to write more about the service today and post some images, but he did use Twitter to tease some information about Steam for Valve.

He noted that the company is working on Linux-compatible titles and Phoronix also reported back when the Mac version of Steam launched in 2010 that there were traces of a Linux client within the build of the Mac launcher.

The Steam rumours are coming thick and fast this month, with the company also seeming ready to start creating its own hardware.

While there the appearance of a job post to validate this, news that Steam had met with Tim Cook to discuss an Apple partnership were wide of the mark but believable – so believable the folks at Steam thought it had happened as well.

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