Take a virtual world tour on Life with PlayStation

Life with PlayStation - a bit like a poor man's Google Earth, with some other bits tagged on

Sony Computer Entertainment launches its 'Google Earth like' Life with PlayStation service this week. Assuming you really need yet another online service to provide you with up-to-date worldwide news and and weather information, in addition to the myriad of such services you already have on your desktop, laptop, mobile phone, television and the traditional old 'wireless' (radio).

To be fair (and to drop the cynical pose, because, if we're honest – and after all, we are in the business of honesty) anything *new* on the PlayStation network is always of interest.

Particularly the fact that you can get live camera images from 60 cities around the world, with Sony promising more interactive content down the line.

Popular AND worthy

The popular and massively worthy Folding@home cancer-research project now runs inside Life with PlayStation.

You can also listen to your favourite music as you take a trip around the globe to check out what's happening where, or you can let the PS3 decide which music suits your mood – from energetic, calm, and dramatic to upbeat and electronic.

PSP users can also access Life with PlayStation via Remote Play, another very cool feature. But whatever happened to playing 'games' on PSP? Remember that?

Head over to the PlayStation blog for a full video demo of Life with PlayStation.