Subs, rolls and the sad delay to Bioshock Infinity

7DiG is stuck in a meeting today – which is annoying for two reasons: one, we want to be barrel rolling through a window taking out baddies in bullet time in Max Payne 3 and two, we're having to write the column in our lunchbreak.

Not that food is on our mind, but fortunately there's no end of exciting news acting as the bread around the disappointment meat of finding out that Bioshock Infinite will not be making its debut until 2013.

On the bright side, that's probably because they are working on multiplayer. Which in our over-stretched sandwich analogy probably makes it the mayonnaise. Or something. [CVG]

From sandwiches to subs…that's subscriptions and not a meatball marinara. Microsoft has announced a mobile phone-esque contract deal for the Xbox. In the US, 99 dollars plus a $15 a month subscription you can get yourself a shiny console.

Staying on (non-sandwich) subs, apparently Star Wars: The Old Republic is in a bit of a slump at the moment. Which is presumably good news for World of Warcraft-makers Blizzard

You know how we hate mentioning Angry Birds in every. Single. Column. And yet always do? Well Rovio revealed that it has made huge amounts of cash this week, but didn't update us on how much of that came from people buying the cheats.

Also of note was a leaked document that showed off what people can expect from third party Wii U developers.

In a little bit of self-bigging up, TechRadar has also managed to get its hands on one of only two Xbox controllers in the world that have been designed by graffiti artist Paris.

Paris is the artist behind Coldplay's last album cover and considering his original pieces of works go for thousands of pounds, it is fair to say that this isn't any ordinary controller. And, as we are nice, we are giving the thing away, so head over to our competition page as soon as you have checked out the links below!

In a bit of a gaming frenzy, Rockstar showed off its latest trailer for Max Payne 3 and we have to admit that the bullet-time theatrics look better than ever.

And not to be outdone, Ubisoft revealed the first proper footage from Assasins Creed III. Colour us impressed.

And finally – how about our always thrilling round-up of great content from Future gaming sites.


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