Nintendo 3DS: retailers set to make £50 profit per device

UK retailers set to make a clear £50-plus profit on every new Nintendo 3DS sold at launch

UK retailers are reportedly buying Nintendo's forthcoming new 3DS console in at £173 per unit, which means that they are set to make at least a clear £50 profit per unit.

The new 3DS is set to be marked-up by over 33 per cent by British stores and sold to Brits at around the £230 mark, according to reports over on GamesRadar.

'Base price' for supermarkets

One supermarket rep informed the site that the trade price of the new glasses-free 3DS was a 'base price' of £173.

TechRadar has contacted both Nintendo UK and a number of UK games retailers for further updates to this story.

In the meantime, Nintendo is said to be shipping just under a million 3DS units to Europe for the 25 March launch, while promising that there will be 10 games available on day one, with a total of 25 games due for the unspecified 'launch window'.

Games including Nintendogs, PES and Street Fighter should be ready for day-one, according to MCV.

The games industry trade magazine adds that Nintendo hopes to sell around 4.5-5 million 3DS handhelds during the new console's first year on the shelves.

Via Games Radar and MCV