YouTube app comes to the 3DS but flatly ignores 3D support

YouTube comes to the 3DS but flatly ignores 3D support
Look at all this 3D you can't use

"The number of devices at my disposal for watching YouTube is just so limited," said no one, ever.

But in case you find yourself with a 3DS in hand and don't fancy reaching for the nearest phone, tablet laptop, smart TV or video-friendly MP3 player, you'll be pleased to hear that Nintendo has just delivered its very own 3DS YouTube app.

Available in North America and Europe right now, the app has been a fairly long time coming - the 3DS was released in early 2011 and YouTube has been around since 2005.

Videos play on the larger top screen while menus and related content appear on the bottom. You can also control playback using the buttons and L and R shoulder clickers.

Nintendon't want 3D?

But hold the handheld – where's the 3D support? It seems that there's none at all. You'd have thought it might take advantage of that little feature that, you know, the whole console is based around.

Of course, if you're rocking a 2DS then you won't notice that, will you?

The download is a reasonable 113 blocks and you can go grab it from the Nintendo 3DS eShop right this second.

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