Fallout 4's Far Harbor could be the DLC we've all been waiting for

Fallout 4

Bethesda has announced that its third chunk of DLC content for Fallout 4 will land on May 19 on the PS4, Xbox One and PC simultaneously. Far Harbor, the name of the add-on, is also the name of the new island off the coast of Maine and is said to be the biggest that the developer has ever created for a piece of DLC.

The upcoming adventure will see you traveling to Far Harbor to solve a mystery of a missing person with none other than Nick Valentine, one of the more favored AI companions found in the base game. He's funny, wisecracking and a stylish devil. But what makes him interesting is that he's a synth, an oppressed race of androids of varying intelligence created by the morally-twisted Institute to carry on the torch once humanity has perished.

With Valentine by your side, you'll trek the new land, which is somehow even more irradiated than the main land. It makes perfect sense that you'll find more of the Children of Atom here, a radiation-worshiping group of perfectly sane people who live in hazmat suits.

Far Harbor promises to be filled with new story missions, faction quests, settlements to build and hunker down at, and places to explore. If it all comes together, this could be the Fallout 4 DLC we've all been waiting for.

I don't know about you, but I think I'm ready to step back into the wasteland.

Cameron Faulkner

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