Some Xbox One pre-orders already arriving, more big system details revealed

Some Xbox One pre-orders arriving two weeks early, more system details reveale
This user had his console banned by Microsoft

Some US-based gamers are now the proud owners of a Microsoft Xbox One console after retailer Target sent out some pre-orders two weeks ahead of schedule.

In a revelation that's sure to infuriate Microsoft as it prepares for its big launch on November 22, the consoles began arriving on some Target customers' doorsteps on Friday.

However, the retailer's false start has led to the exposure of few more details about the console itself, courtesy of Twitter user @MoonlightSwami who has already taken the console for a spin.

For a start, the console's boot-up time has been measured at 17-seconds, while the day-one download necessary to begin using the console comes in at 500MB.

Big downloads

The user, who has since had his console banned by Microsoft, also revealed some of the whopping download sizes for next-gen games, with NBA2K14 coming in at 43GB, Call of Duty: Ghosts at 39GB and Forza 5 at 31GB.

@MoonlightSwami was also able to begin playing games once around 50 per cent of the download completed, which is in line with Microsoft's promises.

The user's console was banned by Microsoft after a copyright claim which saw the YouTube hands-on video removed from the site. Others who've received their consoles earlier have been informed by Microsoft they can do with it as they please.

No 3D Blu-ray support

In other news, CNET reported on Friday the Xbox One won't support 3D Blu-ray playback upon launch, unlike the Sony PS4.

Microsoft hasn't ruled out adding support in the future, but does anyone really care?

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