BT seeking Xbox One partnership

BT and Microsoft Partnering for Xbox One?
The TV box we've been waiting for?

With the Xbox One and BT's new sports channels being announced within the same month, we felt that Microsoft's new console could be the perfect target for BT's streaming service. And it looks like we weren't the only ones.

A spokesperson for BT told TechRadar that the company "will be talking to Microsoft about Xbox One" with regards to its Sport channels, stating that discussions between the two were set to happen after the launch of the new service.

During the Xbox One launch, Microsoft announced a partnership with ESPN in the US which will let users stream live sports to the console. Of course, BT holds the licence to ESPN's content in the UK, so a partnership would certainly make a lot of sense.

Good sport

Now this isn't any guarantee that a partnership will be happening, but the fact that both parties are to engage in discussions shows a lot of promise.

The console is certainly a perfect platform for BT's new sports channels, and the fact that discussions are set to take place is exciting news for anyone whose decision to buy an Xbox One hangs in the balance of its streaming options.

Sky is perhaps the most likely contender of all though, but so far it's not commenting on whether it might also be pairing with Xbox One when it hits the UK.

Hugh Langley

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