Bioware considering using Kinect in next Mass Effect

Mass Effect - could Kinect tech convert hardcore?
Mass Effect - could Kinect tech convert hardcore?

The next Mass Effect game could take advantage of Microsoft's Kinect technology, according to developers Bioware.

Speaking to, Bioware boss Greg Zeschuk admitted that the company was keen to explore the motion sensor technology in games like Mass Effect 3.

Zeschuk stated that, after the first generation of party games, true gamers would begin to feel the benefit.

"The new motion controls are very interesting and quite powerful," said Zeschuk. "Phase one of those is the dancing, fitness and party games, the sword-swinging games.

"The next phase is where it gets really interesting when developers like us can tear it all down and ask: 'What can we actually do in a game like Mass Effect?' Can we create a greater sense of immersion during conversations by using gestures? I think we probably could and I think that's where we'll explore.

Positive impact

"We're not going to do a party game, we're not going to do Dance Dance Krogan for Mass Effect. The reality is it's going to have a really positive impact.

"There's that impediment of a controller but hardcore gamers are never going to give that up.

"It might be nice to see a hybrid of a controller used with additional gesture on the side for immersive elements.

"So we'll see it go from family entertainment and then broaden out."

And, in truth, if Bioware are thinking about adopting the technology, even the hardcore gamers could be set to follow.

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