BBC: PS3 version of iPlayer 3 'this year'

iPlayer 3 coming to PS3 this year
iPlayer 3 coming to PS3 this year

The BBC has officially spoken to TechRadar about the new iPlayer, noting that the PS3 will soon get updated to the new version of the catch-up TV service - iPlayer 3.

Although no official date was given, Simon Cross who was speaking to TechRadar at the Facebook Developer Garage in London said that the console was on the iPlayer update roadmap for this year.

Cross also noted that new functionality would be appearing on the application, including a For You section which would consist of shows you may be interested in.

There will also be more social network functionality, although it was unclear whether the Facebook and Twitter integration would make the move to the PS3.

Big ideas

Cross explained that the PS3 uses the same big-screen version of iPlayer that is used by Sony and Samsung on their latest range of TVs and also Cello.

The biggest problem the BBC is trying to overcome is signing into the app and how the BBC is going to implement this.

"We don't know whether to integrate it with the PSN signing in process or do something new," Cross explained.

Although the beta version of the new iPlayer has been out for just 23 days, Cross said that the uptake as been great – with 8 per cent of those using iPlayer now using the beta. Of those, 10 per cent is taking part in the social integration, which includes 'Liking' shows through Facebook and recommending them through Twitter.

As for TechRadar's constant push to get the iPlayer on the Xbox 360, Cross said that there was still no word on this happening, but was hopeful that we would see something soon.

"It's great what has been done with Facebook on Xbox Live, so I hope something similar can be done with the iPlayer."

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