Augmented reality iPhone gaming with real mini-helicopters

iPhone-controlled quadricopter from Parrot lets you play augmented reality games for REAL!

Augmented reality gaming is one of those buzz-words in the iPhone app developer scene right now, but with little of much substance to date to really get many of us that excited about it all.

Until now, that is.

Parrot has been showing off its iPhone-powered A.R. Drone flying mini-quadricopter this week, claiming that the device points the way for augmented reality gaming.

How? Well, you can use the Parrot A.R. Drone to detect real life targets on your iPhone while flying it in front of your very eyes.

Difficulty level: high

The fact that looking at a screen while trying to control a difficult remote-control quadricopter in REAL-WORLD space in front of you and then trying to make said quadricopter shoot virtual targets on your iPhone screen could well be a little bit too confusing for most humans aside, this really is quite cool!

The Parrot A.R. Drone uses accelerometers and two video cameras to steady itself in the air and is controlled via Wi-Fi, with a fifty metre range. Plus, on a full-charge you will get around 15 minutes of augmented reality quadricopter flying fun.

Expect to see these babies in an expensive toy store near you later in 2010

Via Parrot