Ford is trialling electric car park spaces that wirelessly charge your vehicle

Wireless charging is already solving one of the more annoying aspects of owning a mobile phone and now car manufacturer Ford has announced it’s planning to upscale the technology to improve the experience of owning an electric car.

In a new pilot scheme across the US and Europe, Ford is launching wireless parking spaces that will allow owners of its electric vehicles to charge up their car simply by pulling into a space. The news came in connection to the CES 2017 tech show in Las Vegas.

Since it’s hard enough to get any parking spaces in big cities, never mind specially equipped wireless charging spaces, Ford has revealed that customers will be able to book parking spaces via the FordPass app. Don’t expect to be able to park up overnight, though. We imagine it'll be a park up and get out scenario while the spaces are still limited.

Not just for phones

Though this is a big move for Ford and makes up only part of its plan to spend over $4.5 billion in developing its line of electric vehicles, it isn’t the first company to be working on wireless charging technology for its cars.

General Motors has already announced a partnership with wireless charging company WiTricity to push forward with its use of the technology, and Toyota has been working on it since 2014.

This is a big and positive move for electric vehicles, though, as any technology that makes them easier to use will make them more attractive to consumers. We need as many innovators as possible working on the technology to make it an essential part of city infrastructures, if we're to cut carbon emissions in any serious way.

Emma Boyle

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