First official OnePlus 5 image reveals an iPhone 7 Plus-like design

Apparently OnePlus can’t wait until the official announcement date of June 20, as it’s just shown off the first clear image of the OnePlus 5, confirming that the phone has a dual-lens camera in the process.

The image gives us almost a complete view of the back of the handset, showing off two camera lenses, with an antenna band running above them and a OnePlus logo below.

It looks to be made of metal, with curved edges, and in a tweet OnePlus has described it as “a continuous hard edge, refined over 3 years.”

There’s what appears to be a power/lock key and SIM card slot on the right side, while the top edge is devoid of features.

That's a bit of a worry as there's speculation that OnePlus is moving the headphone jack to the top of the handset. Sadly, we can’t see the bottom edge, so it’s impossible to say whether the port is gone altogether or not.

More lenses, more light, clearer photos

There’s little else to take from the image, which lines up with the more recent leaks we’ve seen, but we can say a bit more about the camera, as OnePlus has included the tagline “Dual Camera. Clearer Photos.”

That too was leaked before, and we theorized at the time that the mention of clearer photos could mean a monochrome and color lens pairing, allowing the camera to use them both to take in more light and detail, resulting in clearer images.

That’s just speculation for now, but we’re less than two weeks from the official announcement, and there’s every chance OnePlus will give away more information before then.

James Rogerson

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