Download of the day: MusicBee

If you’re still sticking with Windows’ default media player for your music, we think you might like MusicBee instead. It aims to be the ultimate music player and organizer, and it’s packed with goodies including a completely customisable interface, audio upmixing to surround sound, automatic track tagging and support for a huge collection of plugins (including many WinAmp ones, which is great news for digital music fans of a certain vintage).

Why you need it

Windows’ own music app is OK, but it doesn’t have even a fraction of the features MusicBee delivers. It supports playlists and podcasts, mobile devices including Android phones, Groove Music (the service formerly known as Xbox Music), integration, CD ripping - you get the idea.

Despite all of this it doesn’t suffer from software bloat like certain other music programs rhyming with 'buytunes'; even running a whole bunch of skins and add-ons, MusicBee usually keeps itself under 70MB of memory, usually a whole lot less.

It’s rare to find a program so welcoming for beginners and so powerful for power users, but MusicBee is that rare thing. It’s free, but the developer will happily accept donations from grateful music fans.

Review and where to download: MusicBee

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