Does my home and contents insurance include gadgets?

gadget insurance

As gadgets become more advanced, pushing the limits of what we can do, they also push the limits of our budgets. If you've splashed out on a fancy new slice of glass and metal, only to drop it on its face, you're going to want some kind of gadget insurance to cover it. In some cases you may already have that - possibly without even knowing.

That's because home insurance is a great one-stop-shop for cover and in some cases will include gadget cover. We've italicised the "some cases" part of that sentence for a reason, however. If you presume your gadgets are covered and they turn out not to be, you could be looking at a serious bill to get your favourite digital buddy up and running again.

What gadgets does home insurance cover?

Thankfully most home insurance policies will cover a lot of your gadgets. The standard items generally included under that cover are laptops, tablets and the like. However most of these policies only cover them if they are in your home. While that's fine for fixed gadgets like a TV, toaster or games console, it won't be so helpful for gadgets made for on the move use like headphones and tablets.

Once you leave the house with them you're no longer covered. Since outside of the house is the most likely place to damage or lose a gadget, it makes sense that you'll need cover other than home insurance. That's where gadget and mobile phone insurance come in, or simply an upgrade to your existing home insurance.

Also, if your gadget is particularly pricey, like above £2,000 expensive, you'll need to let your insurer know specifically. Yes, we're looking at your MacBook Pro owners who like to spec their machines to the max.

How do I add gadgets to my home insurance?

The exact feature that you'll need in your policy is called "all risks or personal possessions cover". This will then cover your precious techy kit for things like theft, loss or damage outside of the home.

This will also cover other items like jewellery, bikes and so on when taken outside of the home. Depending on the prices of this kit you're looking at an additional yearly charge of between £12 and £50.

Should I get a new gadget insurance policy? 

One issue with using your home insurance for gadget cover is that if you claim, especially if that's more than once a year, your premiums will go up.

So if you want to avoid paying more for your general home and contents insurance, because you lose or break a gadget, then it might be worth taking out an entirely different policy. To find the best one for you check out our gadget insurance guide here. 

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