Ultimate boys toy: Retro Space gaming cabinet

The Retro Space cabinet - girls not included (obviously)
The Retro Space cabinet - girls not included (obviously)

In 1971, Atari's Nolan Bushnell brought us the first ever modern arcade cabinet – the bright yellow and decidedly groovy Computer Space.

Dutch designer Martijn Koch has now decided to commemorate Bushnell's success by recreating the ancient machine, though with some shiny new features to help it keep up with the demands of 21st century tech.

At its heart, Koch's Retro Space is a good ol' desktop PC, emulating an arcade machine by playing backup ROMs (100 of which are bundled with the cabinet – all fully licensed, of course).

Tech specs

The machine includes a 2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo CPU sporting a 120GB hard drive, 2GB RAM, and even Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities.

The 24-inch screen's in Full HD 1080p, and with two 90 watt speakers, it means that, as well as gaming, Koch suggests you could use his machine to watch movies or make video calls.

Koch even suggests that, with a little tweaking, you could leave the Retro Space to "let it monitor and talk to unwanted visitors", sort of like a happy yellow Dalek, dispatching hawkers and salesmen from your doorstep.

TechRadar contacted Mr Koch regarding UK availability, and related pricing. He responded:

"I guess delivery to the UK will not be too difficult. I'm investigating the best deals for transport.

"Due to a high amount of requests, I'm dealing with a manufacturer with more capacity right now. I hope to have the prices as soon as possible."

Repaint your lounge in canary, then place your orders, kids.